Hong Kong is one of the most important international trade and finance centres in the world, 其经济在很大程度上依赖于这些活动. 一些最重要的行业是零售业, logistics, 金融hg1088, 专业hg1088, and tourism.


Sweden’s main export products and services to Hong Kong include telecommunications, vehicles, 生产设备, 化学品和测量设备. These are industries where Swedish companies have a strong competitive advantage due to their high level of technological readiness. There are currently around 180 Swedish companies present in Hong Kong. Thanks to its cultural and geographical proximity and the free-trade agreement with the Chinese mainland (CEPA), it also acts as an important gateway and business operation centre for many companies in China.


The Hong Kong office of Business Sweden also covers Southern China’s Greater Bay area. 所谓的“中国硅谷”, with cities such as Shenzhen is a pioneering region for technology and innovation. 这个地区的主要工业是汽车工业, electronics, drones, 物联网, 生命科学和软件开发. 感谢优秀的英语水平, 一流的基础设施, 以及高技能和高效率的劳动力, Hong Kong showcases consistent high scores on the global business environment rankings. 

How we can help

Business Sweden has supported Swedish businesses in Hong Kong with strategic advice and its local network since 1982. Together with our colleagues in China, the office in Hong Kong also covers 澳门及华南地区. hg1088赌场注册在香港的商业也与hg1088赌场注册密切合作 北欧创新的房子, 这是一项政府联合倡议,旨在资助北欧初创企业, scale-ups and corporations a head-start in the most relevant global innovation hubs.