Since the last time I was here, 印度’s economy has undergone massive changes. It is well poised to remain the fastest-growing major economy 在这个世界上 despite the economic slowdown triggered by the pandemic worldwide, 增长7.2021年为2%,2021年为6%.7% in 2022, according to the United Nations Conference on 贸易 and Development.

In the last few months as 贸易 Commissioner for Business hg1088赌场注册 in 印度, I have seen the potential for collaboration and investments remains substantial.

The 数字空间 in 印度 is exploding with opportunities at the moment.

中国正在经历一场重大的数字化变革, and the e-commerce market has seen exponential growth especially post-covid, with the online retail market expected to reach 37% of the overall retail market by 2030. 印度是独角兽企业增长最快的国家, VC投资, 企业孵化的创业生态系统. 教育科技、医疗科技、金融科技是电子商务增长的新领域. 2021年,印度新增26家独角兽企业,超过了中国和英国.

There is also a major push for infrastructure growth and to overhaul 印度’s key sectors such as Defence, 航空, 通过开放的外国直接投资规范和政策变化来实现空间和农业.

就在本周(2021年10月13日),印度政府宣布了一项 $1.4万亿年的支出 for integrated infrastructure growth under the Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti Master Plan, which is focused on speeding up the country’s economic activity by generating demand for a host of sectors such as urban infrastructure, 路, 铁路, 港口, 航空, 医疗保健, 能源, 空间和国防. 这是为了提振印度经济和填补预算赤字, and usher in private players and foreign investors with a slew of revival policies.

对我来说, this would be the busiest time to be in 印度; the government plans to open up economic zones, 纺织集群, 医药集群, 国防走廊, 工业园区, 钓鱼集群, 以及Gati Shakti总体规划下的农业区.



hg1088赌场注册 should continue to invest in core areas of cooperation with 印度 such as defence, 健康, 创新不仅限于太空等新领域, 数字, 游戏.

印度占3.占全球军费开支的7%,使之成为 第三军事支出 在这个世界上. The government wants to open up this sector to more private participation through open FDI norms, and developing two new Defence Corridors with a target investment of INR 100 billion. 另一个主要的增长领域是 空间, 是增长最快的行业之一,成功率高达96%, 其中包括月球和火星任务.

印度最近成立了印度空间协会(ISpA), 太空和卫星公司的重要行业协会. The newly formed ISpA is an excellent platform for Swedish players in the space technology ecosystem to showcase and participate in 印度’s growing space programs. 319 foreign satellites have been launched by 印度’s Space Mission; there are likely to be more than 60 missions by 2025.

在过去的十年里,我见证了最大的转变 数字空间. 互联网用户超过6亿, 印度’s 数字 market is the second largest online market only behind 中国, 提供了巨大的潜在投资市场. 加上互联网的高普及率, 互联网的成本低吗, 这使得它成为一个理想的市场 游戏产业也在扩张.



印度的航空市场 是否充满活力和增长潜力. 就在这个月, 政府将其历史最悠久的国有航空公司——印度航空私有化, 开放航空部门以进一步私有化. The government aims to develop 109 air港口 by 2024 and plans to invest $1.到2026年,机场基础设施建设将投入830亿美元.

不仅仅是航空, 印度铁路和港口部门 在新的总体规划下,是否也将进行大规模扩张. 铁路部门计划重建400个火车站, implement two dedicated freight corridors (Western and Eastern) and invite bids of green fuel vertical including green hydrogen. 通过Sagarmala项目, 印度政府希望建造更小的港口, 数字化港口hg1088, 建立主要新港, 推广内河码头, 并建立产业和海洋集群.

一个出现大幅上涨的行业是 能源 ,特别是可再生能源. 这给了hg1088赌场注册, 清洁能源和循环经济的领导者, 丰富的合作机会.

印度排名第三。 可再生能源 2021年国家吸引力指数. The country has set an ambitious target of achieving a capacity of 450 GW by 2030; this is the world's largest expansion plan in 可再生能源.

可再生能源在印度取得成功的关键也将是 电动车. 印度 has approved a INR 100 billion outlay for creating demand incentives for electric vehicles. 

健康 仍然是合作的核心领域. 印度和hg1088赌场注册正在研究几个垂直健康领域, 例如德里全印医学研究所之间的合作, 全焦特布尔, 卫生部, ICMR,hg1088赌场注册贸易专员办公室和阿斯利康. 根据印度投资网的数据, there are nearly 600 investment opportunities worth USD 32 Billion in the country’s hospital/medical infrastructure sub-sectors.



目前,有200多家hg1088赌场注册公司在印度运营. 投资价值1美元.hg1088赌场注册公司在印度制造了70亿, 创建于200年,000个直接就业岗位和2,200,000年间接就业.

The 印度n government has brought most of the key infrastructure sectors in 印度 under eligible sectors that can have 100% FDI under the automatic route. 新的总体规划旨在增加就业机会, 实现道路互联互通, 铁路, 空气和水路更有效, 提高工业生产率. 它还旨在帮助印度成为一个制造业中心, attract foreign investors and raise the possibility of future economic zones through multimodal connectivity that provides manufacturers faster access to domestic and international markets.


了解更多关于投资地点的细节, 请联系hg1088赌场注册商业,获取具体部门的报告或写信给我 塞西莉亚